Sunday, November 20, 2016


Wearing fur in the 50's-80's weren't as taboo and socially frowned up on like it is today. Wearing fur was seen as more of a power status. Typically, anyone seen in fur garments were viewed as someone who obtained great wealth. Due to current power of social media however, the concept has made a total 180.

I think we can all agree that fur coats are a luxurious statement piece to any outfit. I personally love the look of it! However, considering the amount of harm being done to animals just the pleasure of looking good doesn't seem worth a $3500 price tag when I could invest in a beautiful doppelganger and look just as good while spending less than half the price of the real thing! I believe as humans, its important to consider our resources, just as we have begun to do with our beauty products.

Due to the popularity of social media, we're more aware of what actually goes into the products we love. It can really make you reconsider your investments. Previously on this blog, I wrote about how biased I was to the idea of real fur and how germane it was to me to know specifically which animal it came from. I stated that animals being shaved for coats was a better feeling for me than an animal being skinned for one (example: wearing shearling over chinchilla).

I remember when that one photo of the bunny being tortured for L'Oreal products was passed around every social media outlet there is. It was at the moment that I began doing research about every product that I owned (especially since one of my favorite animals are bunnies). I couldn't bare it! If you've ever owned an animal, you know that the common misconception of them not having souls or "real" feelings is totally false. Animals are just like us- they have a mind of their own and they have their own individual personalities. They have likes and dislikes! It disturbed me to think about the fact that whoever came up with this concept to do harsh testing on animals because they were considered to not have any feelings due to the fact that they don't walk and talk like us totally made sense to them. It still makes sense to the people involved in the process.

I love that the industry as a whole has come to better resources that create the illusion of things that we want. I love that we have faux fur and it can look and feel like the real thing. Sure, genuine fur is still seen as a luxury item but for me, its barbaric if an animal's pure life has to be sacrificed for my jacket, gloves or hat.


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