Monday, January 16, 2017

"WONDERLAND" - Appreciating The Eclecticness of Fashion Again

Last night I watched the second Alice In Wonderland movie and needless to say, the fashion in the movie got me way too excited! It was very eye opening for me as a designer and it got me thinking about the fact that today, fashion is not as self expressive as it should be. Everyone wants to look the same! I think it stems from longing to be internet famous and thinking the only way to do it is to look a certain way. 

I will admit that although nudes, blacks and greys are all fabulous, sophisticated colors, it's time to retire them. I think 2017 should be filled with tons of self expression and color. I'm not implying that everyone should dress like the characters in movies like Alice In Wonderland but I do think it's time for everyone to get original. Fashion is a form of art, a form of self expression. It's totally lost its face in the world of social media and it's trending facade of "look this way, it'll get you tons of followers!!" It seems as though a lot of people think that this particular look is going to be their one-way road to success. I disagree with that thought process. I think the social media world is ready for something new! I think we've had enough of the body suits paired with high waisted jeans and the over-doing of highlighters with an outrageous amount of lip fillers to match. I think being different can get you just as many (if not more) followers!

I made a Ravenna (from Snow White and The Huntsman) inspired set when I first started my Instagram and it got way more likes than any of my trendy sets. People appreciated the fact that it wasn't the same as everything else being posted. The recognition was very flattering! I think that's what makes the quirky designers so enjoyable to pay attention to. They're the ones who make the weirdest things look wearable and fashion forward. They're the trendsetters! I appreciate certain TV characters who do the same thing. For example, Aria from Pretty Little Liars, Bella Thorne and Zendaya's characters from the Disney Channel show "Shake It Up" and even Alex Russo from Wizards of Waverly Place! They mix the weirdest things and make it work! I think that's what fashion is about.

One day my friend Viri and I decided to take a trip to the lush store while window shopping at the mall. We came across the lipstick shelf and discovered two shades of blue lipsticks. Intrigued, we picked them up and applied them to our lips. Mine was a dark almost black blue and hers was a metallic june bug kind of blue. To test out their durability, we decided to walk around the mall and decided that if we liked them, we would go back and buy them. While browsing the MAC counter at Macy's, two women asked us about our lip colors. We told them we got the colors from the Lush store and the women left the MAC counter to go to the Lush store! At the end of the day, impressed by the durability, we decided to go back and buy the lipsticks. When we got there to purchase the lipsticks, an associate came up to us and said "I just want you to know that because you guys wore those colors outside of here, we had 5 other people come buy them and referenced you guys as their reason!" That was such a cool feeling knowing that us being different caused a store to have multiple sales in one product! 

Being different may seem that scary because you aren't fitting in but once upon a time, the trends you follow were created by people who dared to be different. When Kylie did her lips, she got tons of hate for it but because of her, look at how much that entire industry blew up! 

For 2017, I want you to challenge yourself to be different. Select fashionable pieces at your favorite stores that you don't see anyone else wearing and watch your social counts go up!


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