Sunday, April 10, 2011

OMG Say What?!: Blair Fowler gets her time in the spotlight!

Known for her long, brunette locks and  fresh, fun personality, youtube beauty guru Blair Fowler (Juicystar07), shines like a star on Teen Vogue's website AND on the red carpet for the premier of Sharpay's Fabulous Adventures movie!
Blair started off as an average 15 year old on youtube, sharing her deep interest in makeup and showing different tips and tricks that she's learned on her journey with experimenting with it. Some how, it bloomed into many doors opening for the now, 18 year old,(April 1st was her b-day!) Tennessee native. From her Seventeen Beauty Smartie opportunity, to becoming the youngest makeup artist to work at Fashion Week, to WALKING on a runway for a designer in Fashion Week, to being on TEEN VOGUE's website to walking a RED CARPET premier to having the opportunity to be in Disney's new original movie Prom!! Can you believe it??
Now I'll be honest, I didn't know youtube could turn you into a glamorous extravaganza, but obviously, it's capable! 
According to her interview with Teen Vogue, Blair shares that she has a BOOK DEAL in the works at the moment! A book deal? OMG say what?! I don't know what her book will be about but like a lot of people, I'm hoping it's about how she made it on youtube as a beauty guru.
I've been following her since 2009, when I first found out about the beauty guru trend spreading on YouTube.Honestly, Im proud of Blair! She has shown that dreams can really come true! She has inspired me along with millions of other girls around the country!
Blair, if you ever read this post, I want you to know that Im so happy for you and proud of you. You've come a long way from the average 15 year old on youtube to becoming the person you are right now! I wish you the best with everything that you want to do. Congrats on the new website, being on Teen Vogue's website, walking the red carpet for a movie premier, being on the movie Prom, and becoming very successful. Despite the many haters you have coming your way with nasty comments daily, you don't let them stop you!! You're a big inspiration for me and you totally deserve this! You're beautiful and so sweet, don't ever change please! :)


  1. Hey FlairBerry!
    I just wanted to say I love your blog and I love watching Blair (juicystar07) as well.

  2. I love Blair!! She's awesome!

    Question: How did you do the Twitter link on your page? It's so pretty... And it doesn't have the twitter bird lol

    P.S. Blogger won't allow me to follow right now, it's hiding your followers. Below is my blog, u can fill out the form in there to contact me :)

  3. Hi!I just want to say that I love to watch videos from Blair and I think that she is very beautiful.