Monday, May 29, 2017

Outfits For Girls Working Retail: From Casual to High End

My favorite part about fashion is having the ability to stand out, be different and make statements through your clothes no matter where you go. The best place to stand out with your outfits are actually at your retail jobs. Not only does it help amplify sales when you stand out and look really good, it also helps your reputation with your managers as well! People notice when you put effort into things you do and what you wear. I want my readers to feel confident and wear things that help them feel like they can conquer anything so I hope these outfits bring some inspiration for you to do so!

For the Forever21 girl

For this first outfit, I kept it trendy since that's the environment that a store like Forever21 has. You'll probably have a lot of girls come and ask you where in the store you got your pieces from. Since the ones featured are pretty universal, you can easily direct them to where they can find similar items. 

Sneaker Store Chic

This outfit has more of an urban approach which is perfect for the sneaker store environment. This mesh top looks fashion forward and is opaque enough to keep you covered and professional looking. Boyfriend jeans paired with the sneakers really sets the mood for this outfit!

 The Boutique Girl

I remember one of my first retail jobs being at small fashion forward boutiques where outfits like this were super appreciated. The silhouette of the top mixed the design of the skirt and heels makes this outfit scream "It Girl"! The clients will definitely come to you for fashion advice while in an outfit like this!

The Saks Associate

This outfit is super perfect for an upscale retail environment such as Saks or Barneys. It features abstract designs and fashion forward accessories to help you stand out from the rest of your coworkers. It has that supermodel, A-List vibe needed to catch enough attention to get inquiries about your department! Sales goals met for the day? I think so! Rock this outfit with a sleek ponytail and you're good to go.

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Crying In The Club: A Polyvore Set

Crying In The Club x  FlairBerry Polyvore

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ways to Wear Over The Knee Boots feat. Kim Kardashian-West

Over- the- Knee boots have grown in popularity all throughout 2016! Most of the time I see girls style them with high waisted jeans and oversized sweaters so today I wanted to present more fashion forward ways to style them!

On the left, you'll see Mrs. Kim Kardashian-West sporting a fur coat and a split dress with over the knee boots. This is a very fashion forward example of being out of the box in regards to styling your boots. The mix of her outfit and her accessories are perfect for a more urban/contemporary approach.

A long cardigan, scarf and slim jeans are perfect for over-the-knee boots! The look you see above is good for a causal look for a normal day out especially with the cold weather trending right now.

This look on the right is pretty similar to the first look I presented but less dramatic. A nice peacoat with a fur-like scarf goes great with over the knee boots. This is also a perfect winter ensemble!

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Sunday, November 20, 2016


Wearing fur in the 50's-80's weren't as taboo and socially frowned up on like it is today. Wearing fur was seen as more of a power status. Typically, anyone seen in fur garments were viewed as someone who obtained great wealth. Due to current power of social media however, the concept has made a total 180.

I think we can all agree that fur coats are a luxurious statement piece to any outfit. I personally love the look of it! However, considering the amount of harm being done to animals just the pleasure of looking good doesn't seem worth a $3500 price tag when I could invest in a beautiful doppelganger and look just as good while spending less than half the price of the real thing! I believe as humans, its important to consider our resources, just as we have begun to do with our beauty products.

Due to the popularity of social media, we're more aware of what actually goes into the products we love. It can really make you reconsider your investments. Previously on this blog, I wrote about how biased I was to the idea of real fur and how germane it was to me to know specifically which animal it came from. I stated that animals being shaved for coats was a better feeling for me than an animal being skinned for one (example: wearing shearling over chinchilla).

I remember when that one photo of the bunny being tortured for L'Oreal products was passed around every social media outlet there is. It was at the moment that I began doing research about every product that I owned (especially since one of my favorite animals are bunnies). I couldn't bare it! If you've ever owned an animal, you know that the common misconception of them not having souls or "real" feelings is totally false. Animals are just like us- they have a mind of their own and they have their own individual personalities. They have likes and dislikes! It disturbed me to think about the fact that whoever came up with this concept to do harsh testing on animals because they were considered to not have any feelings due to the fact that they don't walk and talk like us totally made sense to them. It still makes sense to the people involved in the process.

I love that the industry as a whole has come to better resources that create the illusion of things that we want. I love that we have faux fur and it can look and feel like the real thing. Sure, genuine fur is still seen as a luxury item but for me, its barbaric if an animal's pure life has to be sacrificed for my jacket, gloves or hat.


Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fear Not!!

This website is under construction. If you see anything weird, that is why. I'm working on fixing it. Thank you for your patience.

With All My Love,

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Perfect Summer Hair!

Your Guide To Perfect Hair This Summer!
• If you ever run into day where you just don't know what to do with your hair, fear not! Here is my ultimate guide for perfect hair this summer! •

Side Wavy 'Do

This hairstyle inspired by the beautiful Lana Del Rey is perfect this summer when you want to do your hair but don't want to take too long to do it.

All you have to do is wrap your hair in one inch sections around a 1 inch curling iron and then hairspray your waves! To keep it on the side and not have to constantly push it to the side, just bobby pin the back in place and you're done!

*Add some gold hoops and a gold chain for cute urban flair!*

Pretty Ringlets

Remember when Taylor still wore her natural curls and everyone was obsessed with them? Me too. I miss them actually! This look is perfect if your have naturally curly hair or if you want to fake having natural curls. It's pretty simple. Here's what you're going to do:
Take your favorite curling wand and wrap one inch sections of hair around the barrel. Make sure as you're wrapping your hair around the wand that you're laying your hair down flat like this: 

Afterwards, hairspray your hair and you're done!

 *For extra-extra curls, before your hairspray, separate each curl in half and then twist them with your fingers to keep the curls looking fresh. *

Side Braid

How long has it been since we've seen this! Originally known as the "Lauren Conrad braid", the side braid is a perfect hair-do when you feel like you want to be done-up for the day but keep your hair out of your face. It's perfect for going out to lunch or a shopping trip with your friends. 

All you have to do is curl your hair in 1 inch sections with a 1/2 inch or 1 inch curling iron. Curl your hair in a pattern like how Alessandra's rollers are positioned in the picture to the right. 
Curl your hair going back in the center and curl down ward everywhere else. You can pin your curls up if you would like to.

When you're done curling your hair, hair spray your curls to keep them in place. Next, wherever you decide to part your hair for your braid, make sure that the section starts at the arch of your eyebrow. French braid your section and pin it under a piece of hair so that piece of hair covers the bobby pin. After you've done that, you're done! 

*This look goes great with a dewy, bronze makeup look like Carrie Underwood's in the picture above. Add some gold earrings and gold bracelets to complete your bronze bombshell look.* 

If you haven't already...

Go Ombre

If you're looking for a totally new look this summer, I highly recommend going ombre! Ombre hair amplifies your beauty x10! I'm not sure what it is but once you get it, you look bombshell without even trying! Ombre is definitely the way to go this summer!

Those are my go-to summer hairstyles! I hope I've helped you out today! Stay tuned for more blog posts! 


Flair <3