Friday, August 10, 2012

An It Girls Guide To Staying Organized For School

Organization is a huge part of being successful at school. When you're organized, homework is never late, assignments are always done, important papers that your parents need to sign are always signed and ready to be turned in on time and so on. Being organized is one of the most important keys to having good grades in school so today, I'm giving you ideas on how to stay organized throughout the year.

Keeping Track Of School Assignments

I would recommend that you get a checklist app and a calendar app on your phone or iPod for making sure that all of your assignments are done and ready to be turned in on time. Keep all of your assignments on a checklist and every time an assignment is FULLY completed tap the check spot. You don't want to check it off if you're "pretty much done" or "almost done" because that only causes confusion which leads to disorganization.
For the calendar app set an "event" date for when you're project is due and set it so that it warns you at least 5 days ahead and on the day when you need to turn it in.

Another way that you could keep track of your assignments is by using an accordion file. These things are a LIFE SAVER!! My grades were low because of my disorganization with keeping up with hand outs and homework. My teacher gave me one of these to help me become organized and my grades went from C's to A's! It helped me keep track of everything- every assignment, every important paper, permission slips!
The accordian file has different tabs and comes with white slips to label and put inside the tabs. I kept a tab for every class, I put all of my handouts from each class in their labeled tabs and in the very back, I put all of my homework assignments and permission slips in their own tab. I highly recommend using an accordion file because it makes staying organized easy! These things are truly amazing and are definitely a great investment for school.

Keeping Track Of Pencils

This one makes me LOL because the one thing I always lose in school are my pencils! You buy a whole pack and then within a week, they're all gone. This is the best way I have learned to keep track of them:

I recommend mechanical pencils because you don't have to worry about sharpening them and then having to deal with the mess of shreds. To keep a track of them, you have to choose one that you are going to use for the whole day and keep it in your purse. When you're finished with it for a class put it back in your purse. This way, you know where your pencils are going!

Keeping A Clean Locker

A clean locker is so important for staying organized not only for school supplies but for your daily beauty needs too. I'm in love with the two photo examples I found because they display a perfect mix of organization and style. You can find them on
As you can see from the photos, each have at least one locker shelf but you can have more than one if you need it. You can find these at your local office supply store. Here are some that I found on the Office Depot online store:

They also have magnetic dry erase boards, pouches for your beauty supplies and pencils and magnets to hold photos or a checklist if you don't have a phone or ipod. I think having these things are very good to have for keeping your locker in tip top shape. Having the pouches and shelves are guaranteed to keep your locker organized for the whole school year which makes things easier for switching out your books when its time to switch classes.

Those are my tips for staying organized for school! I hope you found it helpful and enjoyed it! Follow me on Pinterest and Twitter and give me feedback :)
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