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Top 5 Basic Back To School Clothing and Accessory Essentials

A Dependable, Durable, Basic Pair of Jeans
You need at least 2 pairs of basic jeans.Your jeans should be free of any rips,slashes, etc. Ideally, they should be dark wash because dark wash goes with pretty much anything.I'm not going to go into specifics as to what kind  you should get because everyone has their own taste in jeans. No matter what kind you prefer, make sure they are durable and comfortable. For me, I enjoy skinny jeans so I choose skinny jeans that are comfortable, not too tight and very durable.
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A while ago, around my birthday, I got a pair of dark wash skinny jeans from Forever 21. They looked cute on me, felt nice around my waist and were only around $15! I thought, "This is great!" The only problem was, I noticed that in my thigh area, they were a little tight but I payed no attention to it because they were the cutest jeans in the store. Well, long story short I don't really wear those jeans anymore because when I washed them, they got tighter. At first, I was like "For the sake of fashion, I can go a day with pants that make me just a little uncomfortable. No biggy!" I ate my words a few weeks after that because the more I washed them, the tighter and tighter they got! I can't even put them on anymore! My legs hurt so bad within 2 seconds of putting them on.
The moral of the story is, no matter how cute the jeans are, make sure they are COMPLETELY comfortable when you try them on! If you ignore anything that's imperfect about them, you will surely regret it!
Make sure that you absolutely adore these trusty jeans so that any day you need a back up pair when you just don't know what to wear, you can always rely on them!

 Neutral Colored Tank Tops and Camisoles
$4.80 at forever21! (Link)
$3.80 at forever21! (Link)

Black,white,nude and grey are the colors of tank tops and camisoles that you need for your school wardrobe. These colors go with anything and everything! With school season comes the winter season so having these colors on hand are great for layering anything!

Neutral Colored Undergarments 
Especially if you're wearing white or anything light colored, nude and black bras and underwear are a big necessity. Sure cute bras with the zebra print or the pink leopard print are awesome but some shirts and sweaters are more sheer than others which means those totally awesome prints, aren't going to come in handy on certain occasions.

Cute Cardigans
If you're not the hoodie kind of gal, this is a really great thing to invest in. In school, no matter what condition it is outside, the air is ALWAYS blasting! In the fall, that is the last thing we want when it is beginning to get cold outside. Cardigans keep you looking stylish without an effort and really warm! A nice, durable and dependable, go-to cardigan is  definitely a must have for your back to school wardrobe.

Dependable Tote
Even if you carry a backpack to school everyday, carrying all those heavy books around can't be healthy for your body and it just isn't pleasant. You really need a durable, dependable tote to carry around with you during the day. This is HIGHLY recommended for those going into middle school this year because this is your first year experiencing walking long distances around school to reach your classes and carrying around a lot of books while doing so. You need a tote that is of medium to large size (and maybe larger depending on what kind of classes you have and the materials required for them) to hold EVERYTHING you need for your upcoming classes.
When I was in middle school I only had 3 times to go to my locker to get what I needed for my next classes. Once in the morning for my first 2 classes, one in the after noon before lunch for my selectives, a core class and gym and one when it was time for me to leave. During those times, for the certain classes I had, I had a lot of books to carry at one time so it was essential for me to have a medium to large tote to carry around.
You also have to make sure that your tote is not only durable but comfortable. I wouldn't recommend the kind of totes with the woven handles because those only leave marks, scars and sores on your shoulders.
One place that a lot of people in my grade carry are the totes from Abercrombie and Hollister Co.You want to look for totes that are very similar to those. The totes specifically from those stores are really pricey but they last a LONG time and are super durable! Abercromie nor Hollister are one of my favorite places to shop but as far as totes go, they are the place for me.
For gym classes and sports teams, I would recommend getting a separate tote for that. You don't want your everyday school tote to smell like gym or sweat! You want to get a tote that you can zip up to conceal the smells of that session and make sure its machine washable!

"Pull Out" Shoes
Let's say you've been wearing heels all day and your feet are ACHING and you feel like you can't go any further. This is the time for your "pull out" shoes to make an apparence. Whether they are basic flip flops, cute ballet flats or just a more comfortable maybe lower heel, these back up shoes are a must! Keep them in your locker or if your tote has enough room to fit them in, put them in there. Without these shoes, you only have one option if your feet get to the point where you need to sit all day and soak them and that is to go around bare footed. Not cool! Talk about all the germs your feet are taking in, not to mention the extensive amount of dirt that it leaves on your feet! No matter what, you must always have a pair of "Pull Out" shoes! Everyday, when you choose out your outfit, make sure you look at your other, more comfortable shoe options for that outfit to use for your "Pull Out" shoes!
If you don't want to go through the hassle of choosing out a pair everyday, go and get a pair of neutral shoes that you can wear with any outfit!

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