Saturday, October 15, 2011

Halloween GNO Ideas

Hey everyone! Today, I'm bringing you ideas for the perfect Halloween GNO(Girls Night Out). Since Halloween is on a Monday, that means less fun due to everyone having to go to work or school the next morning, right? WRONG! You CAN have fun on a Monday night with your girls and in this blog post, I'll be giving you tips on how to. Lets roll!


After school and homework, choose a place for you to get ready together at. Do each other's makeup and things like that while blasting your favorite songs!
For an adventure, you could get a guardian to drive you from neighborhood to neighborhood to go trick or treating in. It'll be fun to see what other neighborhoods are offering! If your local mall does trick or treating, go to the mall and have some fun there! You can get your shopping done together and get great treats while you're at it.
Another option is making a music video while trick or treating to an awesome song (Thriller anyone?). If you're in the dark while you're trick or treating, be sure to have a video camera that does great in dark lighting or be sure to carry a flashlight for lighting!

After your trick or treating is done, choose a place to do the traditional trading of the candy. You could be creative with it by pretending to bid! One person puts a piece up for bid (or you could put out a table with candy everyone is willing to trade) and whoever has the most appealing piece of candy to trade for the candy being bid on, wins the candy! Get it? You could take turns doing that and even set the whole thing up with the stand and the hammer. Another option is having one main person (could be a parent) host the whole thing for you.


If your parents allow it and you all go to the same school, what could be better than having a sleepover!? How awesome would it be to have spent the whole night having a blast with your bffs and then have more fun getting ready in the morning together for school? You would have a smile on your face for the whole day!

If you're unable to have a sleepover, after your trading or bidding of the candy, go home and get on a video chat (Skype, iChat, OoVoo and Yahoo Messenger are all great options) and chat until you have to go to bed. Or, if you're unable to do that, talk on the phone! Either way, find a way to discuss your favorite parts of the night and how much fun you had!

Additional Tips....
For safety reasons, its best that you:

  • Stick together at ALL times!
  • Keep your cell on you at all times as well. You never know when the 'rents are trying to contact you (you know how much trouble you get in for "ignoring" them) and if someone ventures off, you know how and where to find them.
  • Apply a bit of reflective tape on your costume so that cars can see you.

For more fun and keeping awesome memories:

  • Be sure to take lots of pictures! You're only young once, keep memories alive ;)
  • Take those pictures and with your friends, put them in a special scrap book. If you don't feel like doing that or just aren't into scrapbooking, upload your pics to your social network (Facebook, Friendster, Linked In, Google Plus,etc).
  • If you choose to do the video chat after the night, record it! Put on a dvd and keep it or make copies for all of your friends!
  • If you chose to do the music video, edit it and put it on a dvd. Make additional copies for your friends or keep it in a special spot of your own and present it the next time you guys get together!

That wraps up my tips for a great Halloween GNO! I hope you enjoyed it and I hope I helped you! Stay tuned in for more blog posts! Follow me on Twitter (Just click on "My Twitter"): My Twitter
Flair Berry <3

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