Monday, August 6, 2012

An It Girls Guide to The First Day Back To School: Outfit

How you look on the first day of school determines your status for the rest of the school year. It determines how people treat you, how they view you and how you view yourself. Looking amazing on the first day can give you the confidence boost that you need to be productive especially since the first day can be a bit confusing with finding classes and things.

When choosing the perfect outfit for back to school ask yourself these questions:

1. Is this appropriate for school?

Aside from the usual fingertip length rule on skirts and shorts, you really need to ask yourself if your outfit is school appropriate. What I mean by this is: Are you over-dressed?
A lot of times when a person wants to look a certain way, they overdo it because they over-think it. In some magazine editorials, glamorous outfits are shown with a lot of accessories piled on to one outfit. Sometimes its a bunch of necklaces, or a lot of bracelets or sometimes both. For school, the editorial look isn't the best. Too many accessories or too much layering of the clothing just makes you look like you tried way too hard.
For school, you want an outfit that makes you feel light because carrying books around from class to class is enough extra weight for a person.
The outfit that Kourtney Kardashian is wearing (on the left) is an example of an outfit that wouldn't be too appropriate for school. There's too much accessorizing going on with the necklaces, the belts and the gloves. I wouldn't really recommend the big puffed sleeves either.
The outfit that Khloe Kardashian is wearing (on the right) is an example of a more appropriate outfit for school because (if you can see) she has on simple necklaces. Her outfit is light and would be more comfortable for school.

Not appropriate
More appropriate. P.S. This outfit works with every body type! 

2. If I were someone else and saw me in this outfit, what would I think?

Sometimes putting yourself in someone else's eyes help choose the right outfit. If you were someone else seeing you in the outfit you want to wear, what would you say or think?  Would you say "Oh my goodness, she looks so glamorous!" or "What the heck is she trying to do?"

3. Does my outfit make sense?

Example of the Girly Vibe
Example of the Edgy Vibe

Accessories pull an entire outfit together so when choosing the right accessories, make sure that they match the feel you're going for. Example:

If you're going for a more girly, Taylor Swift type feel, you wouldn't wear like a cuff with thick spikes. You would probably pair your outfit with something soft and innocent like maybe a gold chain bracelet or necklace with a sophisticated charm on it.  If you were going for an edgy Ashley Tisdale look, you wouldn't put on soft pink wedges, you would probably wear a heal with studs on the heel of them. Make sure that your outfit flows and that it's not all over the place. Fashion is about making statements with what you wear so make one statement at a time, not a whole story.

4. Does this outfit make me feel like the person I would like to be?

You say you want to be more confident so does this outfit make you feel better about yourself? If you're curvy, does it help you feel better about your curves or is your outfit helping you continue this feeling of shame or insecurity about them? If you're skinny, does this outfit wear you or are you wearing the outfit? If you're tall, do your shoes help you feel insecure or do they make you feel proud to be tall? Heck, if you're tall and love heels, don't be afraid to wear them!
No matter what your body looks like or what shape you have, it is important to be confident in what it looks like and wear clothing that best suits it.

5. Am I wearing this outfit for me or for other people?

A lot of times, us girls are always dressing extra-extra for someone we like or want to impress. An It Girl dresses to please herself. When you go out of your way to gain the liking of other people for whatever reason, you stoop down to wannabe level which is the total opposite of a FlairBerry It Girl. Make sure that what you choose to wear is an outfit that makes you feel good about yourself. Wear the outfit that makes you feel like you, not other people who serve absolutely no purpose in your life.

Those are my suggestions for choosing the perfect outfit for back to school! I hope they helped you :) Stay tuned in for more back to school posts later this week and follow me on Pinterest and Twitter :)

Flair <3

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