Thursday, January 23, 2014

Valentines Hair, Makeup and Outfit Idea!

Romantic Curls

What you need: 
 *Curling Iron /Wand  or Flat Iron (half an inch or an inch for both)
*Hair extentions (optional)

Step 1: Section off your hair into a top section and a bottom section. Clip up the top and starting at the bottom, curl one inch sections of hair.  
Step 2: When you get to the top section, section off a side part. When you have your side part, curl one inch sections of hair away from your face.
Step 3: Hairspray your hair and play around with the curls until they look as perfect as you like. Then, you're done!
*Option: Curl your hair extensions and add them to your hair for added volume.

 Sweet and Simple

This is a very simple look. Just do your regular foundation and highlight+contouring routine. Afterwards, add a winged eye, a flirty berry lip, fill in your eyebrows and apply your fave mascara!

Darling Ensemble

You can't celebrate a day like Valentine's day without wearing a little lace! In the photo, it looks like her top is a lace body suit. The skirt is a classic A-line skirt. Her shoes are pointed heels and she's wearing pearl bracelet variations (some small beaded some big beaded). I'm pretty sure you can find pieces like these at places like Forever 21 and Asos!

So that is my Valentines Day look idea! I hope it inspired you! Stay tuned in for more blog posts.

Love Always,
Flair <3

P.S. Remember, Valentines day isn't just for couples. You can still have a great time on valentines day with your best friends or even by yourself!

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