Monday, May 26, 2014

What To Do This Summer/Summer Must Haves 2014

It's the time we've all been waiting for: school is finally over and its time for SUMMER! Tanning, road trips, surfing, ice cones and BOYS are what typically make up good summer but I'm sure every summer is like that. Haven't you ever wanted more out of your summer break??  This summer, I want you to take in every second with gratitude and make the most of it because, unfortunately, summer is not as long as winter and before you know it, it'll be time for school again. Therefore, here's my ultimate summer to-do/must haves list for 2014!

• Retro All The Way To The Beach •

Seriously, imagine riding in a retro convertible car all the way to the beach this summer with your best friends. Imagine the feel of the soothing wind brushing against your skin and imagine feeling your hair tousle carelessly in the wind. Add some super cool shades, a perfect lip stick and your fave bathing suit cover-up in your mental image. Doesn't that feel amazing? Hold on to that for another 10 seconds. Yeah, renting a retro car this summer sounds perfect doesn't it? Yes it does. You should rent a retro car this summer *nods*. Talk about best road trip ever! 

∞ Trail Cruisin' ∞

My #1 tip for this summer is to try to stay away from your computer as much as you can! Go out for bike rides with your friends every morning or in the afternoons. It's not only fun but it's a great stress reliever! On top of that, it'll keep your legs nice and toned so you look amazing when it's time to get those back-to-school jeans! 

You can ride around your neighborhood, at your local park or somewhere on a trail. Either way, always make sure someone is with you. You should never ride your bike alone no matter where you go. This not only ensures safety but also having a better time! It's always more fun to bring a friend anyway. 

• Polaroid •

The best thing to have this summer is a polaroid camera! You don't have to wait for the photos to be developed or work with a regular printer trying to print photos"when you have the time" (and by that time you've already forgotten about the pictures). When you take a picture, there it is! You already physical have it! This is perfect for setting up a scrap book to sort of "journal" your summer. It's like a diary without having to write down every thought in your head. It's a good thing to do at night right before going to bed because after you're done, as you're going to sleep, your thoughts are sweet! 

∞ Make Music Videos ∞

Make music videos for your YouTube channel! It's totally fun and it's occupying on days when you just don't know what you want to do. Be creative with your filming settings and your video editing!  There's no right way or wrong way to make a video, just have tons of fun and record it!

• Find A DJ Party •

These guys are easy to find! I follow a lot of them on Instagram! Find a DJ that you like via Instagram or YouTube and figure out where they'll be next. I've never been to a DJ party before but they look hella fun! (BTW: there is a difference between a DJ party and a Rave. Drug free is the best way to go people!) 

So that's the beginning of my list of things to do this summer! I'm going to add more but if you have any ideas of what else should be on this list, tell me on Twitter: @FlairBerry

Flair <3

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