Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Ways to Wear Over The Knee Boots feat. Kim Kardashian-West

Over- the- Knee boots have grown in popularity all throughout 2016! Most of the time I see girls style them with high waisted jeans and oversized sweaters so today I wanted to present more fashion forward ways to style them!

On the left, you'll see Mrs. Kim Kardashian-West sporting a fur coat and a split dress with over the knee boots. This is a very fashion forward example of being out of the box in regards to styling your boots. The mix of her outfit and her accessories are perfect for a more urban/contemporary approach.

A long cardigan, scarf and slim jeans are perfect for over-the-knee boots! The look you see above is good for a causal look for a normal day out especially with the cold weather trending right now.

This look on the right is pretty similar to the first look I presented but less dramatic. A nice peacoat with a fur-like scarf goes great with over the knee boots. This is also a perfect winter ensemble!

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