Monday, May 29, 2017

Outfits For Girls Working Retail: From Casual to High End

My favorite part about fashion is having the ability to stand out, be different and make statements through your clothes no matter where you go. The best place to stand out with your outfits are actually at your retail jobs. Not only does it help amplify sales when you stand out and look really good, it also helps your reputation with your managers as well! People notice when you put effort into things you do and what you wear. I want my readers to feel confident and wear things that help them feel like they can conquer anything so I hope these outfits bring some inspiration for you to do so!

For the Forever21 girl

For this first outfit, I kept it trendy since that's the environment that a store like Forever21 has. You'll probably have a lot of girls come and ask you where in the store you got your pieces from. Since the ones featured are pretty universal, you can easily direct them to where they can find similar items. 

Sneaker Store Chic

This outfit has more of an urban approach which is perfect for the sneaker store environment. This mesh top looks fashion forward and is opaque enough to keep you covered and professional looking. Boyfriend jeans paired with the sneakers really sets the mood for this outfit!

 The Boutique Girl

I remember one of my first retail jobs being at small fashion forward boutiques where outfits like this were super appreciated. The silhouette of the top mixed the design of the skirt and heels makes this outfit scream "It Girl"! The clients will definitely come to you for fashion advice while in an outfit like this!

The Saks Associate

This outfit is super perfect for an upscale retail environment such as Saks or Barneys. It features abstract designs and fashion forward accessories to help you stand out from the rest of your coworkers. It has that supermodel, A-List vibe needed to catch enough attention to get inquiries about your department! Sales goals met for the day? I think so! Rock this outfit with a sleek ponytail and you're good to go.

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