Monday, June 11, 2012

Split Leg Bottoms

Made by the clothing brand Tripp NYC, split leg bottoms are bottoms that have a solid color and a contrasting color or funky print on opposite legs or sides. They're perfect for those days where you want to step outside of your fashion comfort zone and try something new!

Lucy Hale as "Aria" in Pretty Little Liars 

The first time I saw a pair of split leg pants was on an episode of Pretty Little Liars where the character Aria wore a leopard and black pair! A while back I watched a video featured on the show's official website featuring the fashion stylist. She spoke about how she adds funky things to Aria's clothes to better fit her character, so when I saw the bottoms on Aria, I just thought they were leggings that she cut up and sewed together, but no! I found out through a fansite for the show that they were actually jeans designed to be that way! I was fascinated to say the least because I'd never seen anything like it! I began to really take interest in split leg bottoms when I saw the exact pair pictured below modeled in an issue of Seventeen magazine. After seeing them, I fell in love with the artistic nature of split leg bottoms! They aren't something that you would see an average person wearing and I adore that about them! Wearing them is a chance to stand out and be original!

Split leg jeans featured in Seventeen magazine

You can find them at stores like- Karma Loop, Hot Topic and Trash And Vaudevile. The price range is around $28- $80.

Here are the links for the split leg bottoms featured in this post(In order from left to right):
Red and Black Jeans- Link
Black and Leopard Shorts- Link
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Aria's (exact)- Link
Featured in Seventeen (exact)- Link

Hope you enjoyed this post and I definitely recommend that you check out split leg bottoms; They are too cool! Thanks for tuning into this blog post, stay tuned in for more and don't forget to follow me on twitter! :)
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