Saturday, December 8, 2012

Are You Having Trouble Sleeping?

Are You Having 
Trouble Sleeping?
We all need our beauty rest- 
especially after a long day of
doing school work or dealing with
a bothersome boss. For some reason
though, either because our minds don't 
want to shut up or our body's want to keep
going, sleeping becomes a difficult task.       

So earlier this week, sleeping became a nightmare for me. I tossed and turned, my eyes didn't want to stay shut and I kept getting the urge to get back up. I figured out that because of certain events that I've gone through lately, my mind is constantly throwing chatter parties. I tried things to stop my mind chatter like: watching movies hoping to fall asleep on them but I only ended up watching the whole thing instead. The first good nights rest I got was last night so I'm going to share with you how I got my beauty sleep breakthrough and giving you possible reasons why you might be having trouble sleeping too.

Stress is number one on my list for making beauty sleep impossible. Whether life is showing you a rough time or you have so many things to do yet so little time to do them, it makes sleeping a lot harder to do. So how do you get rid of stress?

Stop thinking about things so hard and so often.
We all want to live happily and stress free but, life happens. Sometimes things go on that we can't control. The best way to deal with this is to find some time during the day where you stop thinking about it so much. Find activities that will direct your thought patterns else where. For example: going on a hike with your friends, having a girls night out, throwing or planning a massive slumber party or find a party to go to. Always make sure that you have a support system with you no matter what activity you choose because if you go alone, chances are, the thoughts will creep right back up on you. 

 Stop thinking about what's going to happen tomorrow.
Tomorrow isn't here yet. Why are you busy worrying about what the next day holds? Worried about outfits? Plan them before you go to bed. Let tomorrow handle itself because obviously you can't control what happens to it the night before.

Put your phone away!
Yes, a difficult task, I know (especially when youre in an amazing relationship) but if youre serious about sleeping, put it away. Tell your friends you're going to bed and you'll talk to them in the morning because when youre in conversations, time flies. It may be 9 when you last look at the clock and then all of sudden its 2 am and you have to be up within a few hours. Then, with the thought of how many hours you have left to sleep, you get stressed because you're busy beating yourself up for staying up as late as you did which makes it harder for you to fall asleep. That being said, putting your phone away is a major part of getting the rest your longing for.

If you know it will keep you up, turn off your TV.
 If you know your tv is going to distract you, turn it off. From experience, I know that even if you've seen a certain movie or certain episode a million times, you're still going to manage to laugh at something or be anxious to watch the full thing. Then, watching one thing turns into watching another, and another and another and then you wind up pulling an all nighter- the exact opposite of what you want to accomplish. So if you know it will keep you up, turn off your TV.

  Keep iced water next to your bed.
Sometimes at night, the air causes your throat to get dry which is pretty uncomfortable. A quick cure for that is just to keep iced water by your bed. It will sooth your throat and help you feel refreshed and relaxed which will make it easier for you fall back asleep. 

Keep your room clean and organized.
Last but not least, keep your room clean and organized. Constantly being around clutter and confusion eventually makes your mind uncomfortable. When your mind is uncomfortable, it starts its chatter sessions which makes your body uncomfortable, making falling asleep a lot harder. Keeping your room clean and organized helps your mind feel clean and organized. When your mind feels clean and organized, it has no reason to keep you up at night.  

*If falling asleep is a lot harder than any of this, you may want to see your doctor for further help.*


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