Saturday, January 19, 2013

Eyeliner For Beginners

Sometimes eyeliner can be tricky for people. Today, I'm giving you tips on which kind of eyeliner is best for you and give you tips on how to apply it!

Pencil Liner
This kind of eyeliner is the #1 liner that is PERFECT for beginners. It's very easy to use, especially if you have neat handwriting!It's not too handy when it comes to creating a perfect wing but it's easy for the basic things, like: lining your water or lower lash line and lining your upper lash line or lining your tightline (Quick Tip: lining your tightline makes your eyelashes appear thicker!).
The best way to use a pencil liner is to always make sure it is sharpened. A dull pencil liner will begin to hurt because when you get to the rim (where the wood is) you're literally just scraping your eyes at that point. It's not a pretty feeling, at all!


Liquid Liner

This kind of eyeliner is better for someone who is good with art- drawing, painting, sketching. Believe it or not, people who are artsy may be better at liquid liner than a pencil liner! I'm an aspiring fashion designer so I'm sketching all the time. I've been painting portraits ever since I can remember so liquid liner is just naturally easier for me to handle! 
The best way to deal with liquid liner is to handle the applicator with ease. A little goes a long way with this stuff so applying it with pressure or having a little too much product on it could ruin your look. You start off as gentle as you can, and depending on your look, build the pressure up as you go.

Gel Liner
Gel liner is better for those who are good with makeup brushes. People who are really good when it comes to applying and blending eye makeup, this is better for you. With gel liner, applying with a brush is mandatory so if you aren't so good with handling an eye makeup brush yet, gel liner may be a bit tricky to perfect. 
Because gel liner requires the use of a brush, I suggest that you always make sure your liner brush is clean. Especially if you like to get funky and switch up your colors.

These are my suggestions for which eyeliners would be better for someone to use if they haven't really played around with it too much before. All of these eyeliners are easy for anyone to perfect if they really want to. It just takes practice!*

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