Sunday, February 10, 2013

A Broken Hearted Girl's Guide To Valentines Day

Ok, worst day to come when your breakup still feels fresh huh? If you haven't read my "Don't Pressure Yourself, Love Yourself" post, it's on the left. It's about being single on valentines day and why you shouldn't feel bad about it. Even though I already have a blog post similar, I thought I'd make a new one that's relatable for people who are in the same scenario as me (had a relationship fail right before). Don't forget though, I'm on this journey right along with you so nothing that is being said right now, is said out of the view of the outside looking in. 

Here are my top 4 things that will help you cope with Valentines Day:

When you're dealing with a breakup, the one thing you do need is some outside interaction. Being inside and moping is NOT going to help you. I know some people say that you should take time to let your feelings out but you also need to take time to heal yourself.
Part of the healing process is getting out and getting your mind off of your ex and just having a good time. So this Valentines Day, take this idea into consideration.


Have A Girls Night




Valentines day is on a Thursday this year (a school day) so maybe after school that day, go out and with your friends and eat some pretty dessert.


Treat Yourself To Some Spa Treatment

If your friends aren't available to hang, treat yourself to some spa treatment! Give yourself a facial and a mani and pedi (and if you don't feel like doing it yourself, schedule one)!

Write A Wishlist
Write out qualities of your "Prince Charming". Give him a name, write out his phsyical features, personality traits even get detailed with things like height and sound of his voice. Write out how he'll treat you and if you want to, put a deadline on it.
From experience, this absolutely works. In the 6th grade I wrote a list and prayed everyday for that guy to come to me before I turned 15. Do you know, that  I met the EXACT person I described on my wishlist? Everything from A-Z was this guy! At first I didn't recognize that this person was meant for me at the moment because I hadn't looked at the list in forever. I felt a connection with him and didn't know why until I began talking to him. I was like "Holy gawd..its him!" when I finally realized it!
Unfortunately, I wasn't specific enough though. Here's a tip: make sure that when you put that you'll be forever in love with him, that you also put that his feelings will be the same towards you!
Now the only way this works is having faith that he will come to you. That's it. No doubts, no fears, no questions- you know that he's coming!

Writing out a wishlist for your future love helps you get over your breakup and getting over feeling alone on valentines day.

Get Valentines Day Gifts For Your Friends

 Getting a nice gift for your friends will help you show your appreciation for them. You don't have to buy anything! Making a gift would make it more special than actually spending money on something. Along with that, make a card letting them know how much they mean to you. If you just want to make the card, that's ok too!
Remember, Valentines Day isn't just about couples and romance. It's about showing appreciation to the people you love too.


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